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Application IDDA19/0552
DescriptionDemolition of Existing Structures and Construction of Multi Dwelling Housing including 3 dwellings and Strata Subdivision
GroupDevelopment Assessment
CategoryTown House and Villa Construction
Sub Category 
Lodgement Date30/07/2019
Estimated Cost$2,530,000.00

Additional Information
ContactDavid Sheehan
Notification Start Date6/08/2019
Notification End Date22/08/2019
Review Date 

AddressLand Description
2 Tullimbar Road CRONULLA NSW 2230Lot 1 DP 1261824

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Jeff DooleyApplicant

Determined Date 
Land & Env Court Determination (if applicable) 

Fees - Click blue heading to sort
30/07/2019Development Application Fee (Strata)RAMS Application Charge$460.00
30/07/2019Development Application Fee (Strata)Bpay Receipts-$460.00
30/07/2019Development Application Fee (Development)RAMS Application Charge$3,199.00
30/07/2019Development Application Fee (Development)Bpay Receipts-$3,199.00
30/07/2019Electronic File Management FeeRAMS Application Charge$236.00
30/07/2019Electronic File Management FeeBpay Receipts-$236.00
30/07/2019Land Title Search FeeRAMS Application Charge$52.00
30/07/2019Land Title Search FeeBpay Receipts-$52.00
30/07/2019Neighbour Notification FeeRAMS Application Charge$585.00
30/07/2019Neighbour Notification FeeBpay Receipts-$585.00
30/07/2019NSW Planning Reform Fund LevyRAMS Application Charge$1,619.00
30/07/2019NSW Planning Reform Fund LevyBpay Receipts-$1,619.00
30/07/2019Printing of Electronic DocumentsRAMS Application Charge$236.00
30/07/2019Printing of Electronic DocumentsBpay Receipts-$236.00
7/04/20202016 Sutherland Shire Section 94A PlanRAMS Application Charge$25,300.00
Balance  $25,300.00

DateDescriptionEvent Decision
5/04/2020 Waste (Science) InputVerbal Response given
5/04/2020 Refer SSPP Application to CoordinatorNot Applicable
5/04/2020 Is this a Crown applicationNo
5/04/2020 Pre-Determination ReviewYes
2/04/2020 Are any S7.11 or 7.12 Contributions required2016 S7.11 or 7.12 Plans
2/04/2020 Record Site ObservationsCompleted
2/04/2020 Send another Internal referralNo
2/04/2020 Post Advertising Review ChecklistYes
2/04/2020 Is referral to IHAP/Council required?No
2/04/2020 Is referral to SSLPP required?No
23/03/2020 Engineering ResponseResponse Received
19/03/2020 Complete the Bush Fire BAL Assessment?Not Applicable
19/03/2020 Engineer InputPrepare Memo Response
29/01/2020 Send an internal referralEngineer - ESD (Assess)
29/01/2020 Send another Internal referralYes
29/01/2020 Waste (Science) ResponseResponse Received
29/01/2020 Is Council property involvedNo
29/01/2020 Has information been receivedYes
29/01/2020 Initial Position ReviewYes
12/12/2019 Engineering Walk up Clinic - OutcomeFormal referral required
11/12/2019 Register for Engineering Walk up ClinicYes
29/11/2019 Send letter-Design Changes RequiredYes
29/11/2019 What type of letter is required?DesignChan
29/11/2019 Is additional information required?Yes
26/09/2019 Environmental Science ResponseResponse Received
26/09/2019 Environmental Science InputPrepare Memo Response
26/09/2019 Send an internal referralEnvironmental Scientist
26/09/2019 Send another Internal referralYes
25/09/2019 Landscape Architect ResponseResponse Received
23/09/2019 Landscape Architect InputPrepare Memo Response
5/09/2019 Send an internal referralWaste - Env Science
5/09/2019 Send another Internal referralYes
29/08/2019 Compliance ChecklistMajor Dev Assess checklist
27/08/2019Any ObSub Declaration of Affiliation Donation GiftYes
27/08/2019 Email Submission Count to ROFF?Yes - sent to Submission Review Panel
21/08/2019 Architect ResponseResponse Received
21/08/2019 Architect Specialist InputPrepare Memo Response
9/08/2019 Building ResponseResponse Received
9/08/2019 Building Surveyor InputPrepare Memo Response
8/08/2019 Engineering Walk up Clinic - OutcomeFormal referral required
6/08/2019 Send an internal referralArchitect
6/08/2019 Send another Internal referralYes
6/08/2019 Send an internal referralLandscape Architect
6/08/2019 Send another Internal referralYes
6/08/2019 Send an internal referralBuilding Surveyor
6/08/2019 Is a specialist input required?Yes
6/08/2019 Register for Engineering Walk up ClinicYes
6/08/2019 Is referral to DRF required?Not Applicable
6/08/2019 Allocate to ROFF in PORTALYes
6/08/2019 Publish/check docs in ObjectiveYes
6/08/2019 Allocation Email to ROFFYes
6/08/2019 Is new Aged Persons Housing proposedNo
6/08/2019 Is Concurrence RequiredNo
6/08/2019 Assign Project / Allocation MemoProject Team Memo
6/08/2019 Any DA Declaration of Affiliation Donation GiftNo
6/08/2019 Is advertising required?Not Applicable
6/08/2019 Is an on-site sign requiredNeighbour Notification Required
6/08/2019 Has notification been printed?Yes
6/08/2019 Is public notification required? (ADMIN)Yes
6/08/2019 Submission On Custom Field updated?Yes
31/07/2019 Has information been receivedYes
30/07/2019 Generate deficiency letterLetter - Fees ONLY
30/07/2019 Has DEO identified application deficienciesYes
30/07/2019Is this a SSPP ApplicationNo

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