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Application IDRM22/0001
DescriptionS8.2(1)(b) Review of MA22/0015 – Delete date of lapsing, amend hours of operation for public holidays to 7am – 11am, revise condition 6ii to allow group training sessions and amplified music from 5:30am to 7:30am
GroupDevelopment Assessment
CategorySection 8.2(1b) Review of Modification Decision
Sub Category 
Lodgement Date15/06/2022
Estimated Cost$1.00

Additional Information
ContactEvan Phillips
Notification Start Date23/06/2022
Notification End Date15/07/2022
Review Date 

AddressLand Description
13-17 Kennedy Crescent BONNET BAY NSW 2226Lot 547 DP 247753

Related Applications
Application IDMA22/0015
eTrack Application Details PageMA22/0015
DescriptionS4.55 (2) DA21/0529 - Remove temporary 6 month approval to formalise fitness studio operation and extend hours of operation from 5.45am - 8pm
RelationshipAssociated Application

The Trustee For The Leslie Family TrustApplicant

Determined Date 
Land & Env Court Determination (if applicable) 

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14/06/2022Neighbour Notification FeeRAMS Application Charge$150.00
14/06/2022Neighbour Notification FeeBpay Receipts-$150.00
14/06/2022Printing of Electronic DocumentsRAMS Application Charge$43.00
14/06/2022Printing of Electronic DocumentsBpay Receipts-$43.00
14/06/2022Section 8.2(1)(b) Review of DecisionRAMS Application Charge$54.50
14/06/2022Section 8.2(1)(b) Review of DecisionBpay Receipts-$54.50
Balance  $0.00

DateDescriptionEvent Decision
23/06/2022 Are electronic docs published?Yes
23/06/2022 Allocation Email to ROFFYes
23/06/2022 Assign Project / Allocation MemoProject Team Memo
23/06/2022 Is an on-site sign requiredYes
23/06/2022 Is advertising required?Not Applicable
23/06/2022 Has notification been printed?Yes
23/06/2022 Is public notification required?Yes
23/06/2022Can assessment of application proceedYes
23/06/2022Is the application within timeYes
23/06/2022 Is the Application Within Time (ie 28 Days)Yes
14/06/2022 Has DEO identified application deficiencies?Letter - Fees ONLY

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