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Application LinkLodgement DateDescriptionGroup DescriptionCategory DescriptionFormatted AddressApplicant NamesDecisionDetermined Date
MA21/025420/07/2021S4.55 (1A) Modification of DA15/1457 – Partial enclosure of viewing platform, glass doors to western wall, new windows to east/south, installation of privacy screening and change balustrade materialDevelopment AssessmentSection 4.55 - Modification Application23 Hovea Place GRAYS POINT NSW 2232Adam Emanuel ZarbApproved18/10/2021
MA21/026726/07/2021S4.55(2) modification to DA19/0915 – reduce scope of works and change roof designDevelopment AssessmentSection 4.55 - Modification Application6 Orford Place ILLAWONG NSW 2234Cameron HooperApproved18/10/2021
MA21/01656/07/2021Section 4.55(1A) Modification of DA18/1381 Internal layout changes & a decrease in area of the rear deckDevelopment AssessmentSection 4.55 - Modification Application208 Belgrave Esplanade SYLVANIA WATERS NSW 2224 Paperseed DesignApproved18/10/2021
MA21/014028/04/2021S4.55(1A) modification to DA16/0587 – changes to unit layouts, roof over balconies, landscaping areas, courtyard, fire corridor, privacy screens, lift and service voids, front façade finishes and stormwater designDevelopment AssessmentSection 4.55 - Modification Application36 Clio Street SUTHERLAND NSW 2232 Dekan Family TrustApproved18/10/2021
MA21/02935/08/2021S4.55(1) modification to DA18/0232 – amend condition 30 A iii) street numbering to show west dwelling 2/1A and east dwelling 1/1ADevelopment AssessmentSection 4.55 - Modification Application1A Langer Avenue CARINGBAH SOUTH NSW 2229Reginald John LarkApproved18/10/2021
DA21/083312/08/2021Alterations and additions to existing dwellingDevelopment AssessmentDwelling Construction10 Randell Avenue LILLI PILLI NSW 2229 David NeateApproved19/10/2021
DA21/044626/05/2021Alterations and additions to an existing building and change of use to a 24 hour warehouse and distribution centreDevelopment AssessmentIndustrial Construction13 Endeavour Road CARINGBAH NSW 2229 Aliro Group Pty LtdApproved19/10/2021
DA21/025218/03/2021Construction of a jetty with sea stairsDevelopment AssessmentWaterfront Structures136-138 Georges River Crescent OYSTER BAY NSW 2225 Harbour Port East Coast Pty LtdRefused19/10/2021
MA21/015913/05/2021S4.55 (2) modification to DA17/0024 – Change of roof profile, garage size reduction, rear deck amendments, internal design changes, addition of solar panels, and external building material changesDevelopment AssessmentSection 4.55 - Modification Application35 Loftus Street BUNDEENA NSW 2230Gary TaylorApproved19/10/2021
MA21/017321/05/2021S4.55(2) modification of DA20/0774, deletion of condition 2, addition of fencing and privacy screens, modification to windows and removal of hedges.Development AssessmentSection 4.55 - Modification Application245 Cooriengah Heights Road ENGADINE NSW 2233Cameron HooperApproved19/10/2021
MA21/03243/09/2021S4.55(1A) modification to DA20/0863 – changes to external finishesDevelopment AssessmentSection 4.55 - Modification Application499 Princes Highway KIRRAWEE NSW 2232Rebecca WhiteApproved19/10/2021
MA21/008516/03/2021S4.55(1A) modification to DA16/1648 – repositioning of structure and pools, reconfiguration of internal layouts, changes to windows and addition of skylights and addition of internal stairs from basement levelDevelopment AssessmentSection 4.55 - Modification Application30 Actinotus Avenue CARINGBAH SOUTH NSW 2229 Architecture Becka & AssociatesApproved19/10/2021
DA21/057216/06/2021Alterations and additions to existing dwellingDevelopment AssessmentDwelling Construction98 Brushwood Drive ALFORDS POINT NSW 2234George BounassifRefused19/10/2021
MA21/024420/07/2021S4.55(1A) modification to DA13/0973 – delete conditions 2A(i), (iii) and (v) and 17 relating to fencing style and heightsDevelopment AssessmentSection 4.55 - Modification Application5 Formosa Street SYLVANIA NSW 2224 A Safeway Group No. 1 Pty LtdApproved20/10/2021
MA21/02812/08/2021S4.55(1A) modification to DA13/0574 – changes to windows on south west elevation and relocate rainwater tankDevelopment AssessmentSection 4.55 - Modification Application24 Cook Street KURNELL NSW 2231David LungoApproved20/10/2021

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