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Application LinkLodgement DateDescriptionGroup DescriptionCategory DescriptionFormatted AddressApplicant NamesDecisionDetermined Date
DA21/122529/11/2021Construction of a swimming poolDevelopment AssessmentSwimming Pool Construction1 Bilga Street KIRRAWEE NSW 2232 Blue Haven Pools South Pty LtdPending 
DA21/123029/11/2021Alterations and additions to existing dwelling that forms part of a dual occupancyDevelopment AssessmentDual Occupancy Construction12A Jibbon Street CRONULLA NSW 2230Alfredo Gerardo PaganoPending 
DA21/123229/11/2021Alterations and additions to existing town houses for the construction of retaining wallsDevelopment AssessmentTown House and Villa Construction21 View Street MIRANDA NSW 2228Peter OlsenPending 
DA21/121029/11/2021Demolition of existing structure and construction of a residential flat building, swimming pool and basement parking with 4 lot strata subdivisionDevelopment AssessmentResidential Flat Building Construction27 Prince Street CRONULLA NSW 2230 Jeff Dooley C/-Vic Lake ArchitectsPending 
DA21/123330/11/2021Construction of a dwelling house.Development AssessmentDwelling Construction17 Unaipon Street (Private) BARDEN RIDGE NSW 2234 Wisdom HomesPending 
MA21/039630/11/2021S4.55(1A) Modification to DA20/0703 - Addition of carport and increase height of front fence.Development AssessmentSection 4.55 - Modification Application8 Keats Place HEATHCOTE NSW 2233 Joseph Rafla Architectural Design And Drafting ServicesPending 
DA21/119530/11/2021Alterations and additions to existing dwelling.Development AssessmentDwelling Construction3 Havelock Avenue ENGADINE NSW 2233 Inspire Drafting and DesignPending 
DA21/122630/11/2021Construction of a dwelling house and swimming pool.Development AssessmentDwelling Construction19 Ranold Street (Private) BARDEN RIDGE NSW 2234 Eco Factor ArchitectsPending 
DA21/118930/11/2021Construction of a dwelling house and swimming poolDevelopment AssessmentDwelling Construction35 Unaipon Street (Private) BARDEN RIDGE NSW 2234Violeta VeleskaPending 
MA21/040430/11/2021 Section 4.55(2) Modification of DA18/1209. Changes to internal configuration and an increase in floor area on first & second floorsDevelopment AssessmentSection 4.55 - Modification Application47 Shorebird Parade GREENHILLS BEACH NSW 2230 Sydney Town Planning Pty LtdPending 
DA21/122130/11/2021Alterations and additions to existing dwelling and construction of a retaining wallDevelopment AssessmentDwelling Construction19 Young Street SYLVANIA NSW 2224 Tranquility LandscapesPending 
DA21/122930/11/2021Alterations and additions to existing dwelling, construction of a detached garage and a cabanaDevelopment AssessmentDwelling Construction43 Corea Street SYLVANIA NSW 2224 Green Square Design Pty LtdPending 
DA21/123730/11/2021Alterations and additions to existing dwelling and construction of a swimming poolDevelopment AssessmentDwelling Construction9 Girraween Avenue COMO NSW 2226 David NeatePending 
DA21/11641/12/2021Construction of a jetty and sea stairsDevelopment AssessmentWaterfront Structures54 Woodlands Road TAREN POINT NSW 2229 Harbour Port East Coast Pty LtdPending 
DA21/12011/12/2021Demolition of existing structures, construction of a dual occupancy with two swimming pools and Torrens title subdivisionDevelopment AssessmentDual Occupancy Construction72 Raglan Road MIRANDA NSW 2228 EMK Architects Pty LtdPending 

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