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Due to System Maintenance 10.7 Planning Certificates will not be available between 30th September and 7th October.

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Apply for a Certificate

Planning Certificates – s10.7 (2) and s10.7 (2)(5)

Identifies the zoning, planning controls, and other issues that effect a parcel of land.

Rate Certificate - s603

Rates or charges payable to council in respect to a parcel of property.

Outstanding Notices - s735

Identifies any outstanding notices or orders for the property.

Section 88G Certificate

Determines whether there are any outstanding monies payable to council as a result of a positive covenant that effects the title of the property.

Section 88G Urgent Certificate

As above, with the certificate to be received in 1-2 days

Application Tracking

Development Application

Track the progress of a development application.

Complying Development Application Tracking - Council

Track the progress of a complying development application submitted to council.

Complying Development Application Tracking - Private Certifier

Track the progress of a complying development application determined by a private certifier

Driveway Application Tracking

Track the progress of a driveway application.

Fire Safety Statement Tracking

Track the progress of a fire safety statement. (Please allow for at least 3 days of processing time of any submitted information)


Driveways (residential) and Driveways (large development)

All driveways traverse the public way and as such require the setting of levels and approval from council prior to construction. The appropriate levels, works and specifications will be provided.

Road Uses

The use of the public place for private purposes requires approval from Council. This includes standing plant and equipment such as cranes/concrete pumps, the erection of hoardings, use of work zones,skip bins, road opening for single residential and road opening for multi dwelling and non residential properties.

A Frame Permit Application

Apply for a permit to display an A Frame sign outside your business/company address.

Tree Removal and Pruning on PRIVATE Property

A fee applies where tree removal is involved. Approval from council is required before removing a tree on private land. Applications provide for up to 3 trees to be identified and may include tree pruning on private land.


Applications for tree pruning are required where pruning will exceed 10% of the tree canopy within a calendar year. Tree owners agreement is required prior to pruning being carried out.

Tree Removal and Pruning on PUBLIC Property

You are not allowed to prune or remove trees that reside on council or public property - an inspection by council is required.

Foreshore Building Line Data

Apply for electronic data to allow you to accurately plot the foreshore building line on a property. Go to the FBL Application page for information about available file formats.

Additional Green waste and/or Recycling Bin

Apply for an additional green waste and/or recycling bin.

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