Track It - Help

Track It allows you to follow the progress of the following applications on or after the date shown:

  • Development Applications - 1st January 2006
  • Tree Applications - 1 January 2008
  • Roads Act Applications (Residential-Access and Alignment Level Application) - Commencing 17 December 2012

Using Track It, you can access information related to an application online. This includes:

  • Current status of a applications
  • Tasks undertaken as part of the assessment process
  • Publicly available electronic documents
  • Pages are scanned in pdf format.  Please consult your computer Help files for further information regarding the pdf format.

System requirements

For maximum operational efficiency, it is recommended that a Broadband system is used.

Dial-up connectivity can cause the application process to be lengthy or occasionally time-out.


  • Clicking on a "double headed down arrow" image expands information under a heading
  • Clicking on a "double headed up arrow" image collapses information under a heading  


To perform a search, enter your search criteria and then choose the "search" button. To clear the search form, choose the "clear" button. 

Minimum Search

A search cannot be performed with all fields blank.  Either an application number, search dates or "Suburb" field is required.

Application Number

Enter the application number in the box, eg DA12/0001 NOTE: if you enter an application number, it will override any details entered below in the date/address section.


Enter a date range to search within. The required format is: dd/mm/yyyy (e.g. 12/11/2005 ). The calendar icon to the right of each box can be used to automatically insert a date.

Street Number

Enter the street number.  A house number can be entered as a range of numbers. This can be entered using the "Street No From" and "Street No To" fields. 

Street Name

Enter the street name, or a minimum of three characters found within the street name. Do NOT include the street qualifier (Street, Road, Parade etc.)

 Street Type

A street type is not mandatory, but can be entered as Avenue or Street or Close.


Enter the suburb name.

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